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Rent Virtual Reality Equipment in Hyderabad


HTC Vive

The glasses with a 360-degree view were specifically designed to boost mental well-being. Experience virtual reality for the very first experience with VIVE Flow. your ideal personal health and wellness partner. From yoga to mindfulness brain-training to focusing and productivity to entertainment. You can even stream your favourite TV and film shows in VR


microsoft hololens

Enhance learning outcomes and transform curriculum with lessons that are hands-on that explain complicated notions in 3D. With HoloLens 2 students are able to learn by doing from any location with Holographic instruction and tests.

quest 2

Oculus quest 2

Quest 2 is non-stop fun. The biggest titles and multiplayer games—we have them. New ways to workout, socialize or lose track of time—we have those too. And our library keeps growing every day. Discover what’s possible on Quest 2.

Mobile VR Headset for Rent